Our Goal | For you to reach yours.

We specialize in working with artists, songwriters, and brands to create professional and commercially viable songs that fit their vision. With our team of professional producers, musicians, and songwriters, we craft song ideas into powerful, emotional, and sonically massive productions... Lyrics that are memorable and relatable, hooks and melodies that get stuck in your head, musical transitions that amplify emotional connections... We make sure that every single detail is exactly what each project requires.

We want our clients to experience the emotional satisfaction of achieving their goals…. hearing their song on the radio, or in film/tv, or to watch their view count on YouTube and number of streams on Spotify exceed their expectations. That’s what drives us... to share a part of that emotional connection with them, knowing that we were able to help them achieve their goals and to help further their career.


Featured Releases |


Nathan Kidd - Illuminate

Olivia Rose - Champion (Feat Olivia Wik)

The Red Cannons - Underneath The Floorboards

BuckNKD - The Facebook Song

Word On The Street Is |


Olivia Rose

“I’ve worked with Nathan and his team for a number of years and the dynamic they create in the studio is incredible. The amount of knowledge and experience they bring as songwriters, sound engineers, and producers is definitely grounded in their years as musicians. They are able to understand the experience of being in a recording booth from an artist’s perspective creating a seamless, professional, and fun process!


Olivia Wik

“Working with Nathan was a great experience. He produced our song not only quickly, but with great quality. His background working in multiple genres will benefit anyone looking to work with him.”

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The Red Cannons

Since The Red Cannons inception we had the goal of making music that would end up on the radio. We were often met with doubt as not many local bands have managed to pull this off. When we teamed up with Method Music Productions it was apparent that this was a goal we could accomplish. Nathan Kidd believed in the band from the beginning and was able to capture the specific sound we were going for at the time. This resulted in 3 singles that made it to the airwaves across Canada. We are grateful for having a team that worked hard to get the product we were looking for! We highly recommend Method Music for all your recording, mixing, and production needs!


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